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Rules and Regulations

Punctuality, cleanliness, obedience, courtesy and respect should characterize St. Paul’s students both on and off the school premises.  Students are expected to possess self-discipline and to be considerate and cordial toward others in the classroom, laboratory, water point, hall, playground and in anywhere in the campus.

Respect for self, others and property, and self-discipline are qualities expected of St. Paul’s students in and out of school.  It is the responsibility of all members of the St. Paul’s community to see that this climate is created and observed.  Final authority in matters of discipline rests with the principal.

All students and guardians are expected to pay special attention to those rules. Any breach of rules will be regarded as an offence and the authorities will have every right to take disciplinary action for interest and good of the students concerned.

  1. No student is allowed to go out of the recognized bounds permission of the appropriate authority during the school hour.
  2. Students should be in the campus before the Second bell.
  3. They are to speak in English in the school even in their private conversations.
  4. Students should have all class materials including paper, books, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.
  5. They should be in school uniform and conforming to dress code
  6. All students are expected to keep the school campus and school building clean
  7. They should give attention to teacher
  8. They should remain within designated school campus boundaries
  9. They should use courteous, respectful, and appropriate language and behavior towards all
  10. They should be honest in speech, class work, and respect the property of others
  11. Acts of common courtesy are to be observed by all students
  12. Students are not allowed to carry cameras, mobiles, or walkman, CD players, etc., within the school campus without prior permission from the Principal. Possession of these articles without prior permission will be confiscated and students will be punished. The items confiscated will not be returned to the parents or the students.
  13. Smoking is strictly banned within the school premises for the students; the possession or use of a tobacco product by the student is also strictly banned. The school reserves the right to expel a student at any time for indulging in misconduct or any discipline case.
  14. Tucks, chewing gums, perfumes, dendrites, drugs, gel and costly items are banned in the school. Such things will be confiscated from the student and in addition they will be suitably punished.
  15. Consumption of alcohol is strictly banned inside the school campus. Students caught in such act will be expelled from the school. Even such act outside the school campus in school uniform will also lead to disciplinary action.
  16. Students are not allowed to use any abusive language in the school campus.
  17. Parents/ guardians are requested not to give the children money for use during the school hours. This creates unwanted habit of going outside the school compound.
  18. On their way to and from school all students whether in the school bus or otherwise are expected to behave in a gentlemanly manner. All must be tidy in dress and appearance. Any complain against a student in this regard will be seriously dealt with.
  19. No student should come to the school without complete school uniform unless a special permission, writing is sought and received from the school authority.
  20. Students who have been absent from the school must bring a leave application properly countersigned by parent-guardian stating the specific cause of their absence.
  21. Students will not normally be permitted to leave the school before time unless he/she is ill and has to be sent home. In case of extreme urgency however, a pupil may be permitted request signed by the parent is made to the authority and sufficient reason is given. A message by telephone or verbal will not be accepted.
  22. School authority has the right to check the students and their belongings whenever felt necessary.


  1. Minimum attendance requirement for all students is 75% of the total working days.
  2. Students whose attendance is below 75% of the working days are ordinarily not eligible to sit for the examination. They may be allowed to sit for the examinations only after the payment of a fine of Rs. 500.00.
  3. However, on medical ground, the Principal has authority to condone the shortage in the case of students whose minimum attendance is not less than 60% of the working days. (Medical ground will be only considered if the student remains absent continuously for a week or more).
  4. Name of student who remains absent continuously for 15 (fifteen) days except on medical ground or special written permission is received from the Principal will be struck off the roll. Such students upon recommendation of class teacher and special permission from the Principal may be re-admitted as per rule.
  5. Application for granting leave on medical grounds must be accompanied by Medical Certificate from Registered / Medical Practitioner.
  6. If any student proves to be unsuitable for any good and sufficient reason to remain either in school, class or in the hostel he/she is liable to be dismissed.


  1. In all questions of admission, promotion or failure, the decision of the Principal is final. Parents and guardians are strictly instructed not to approach any of the staff or authority for any kind of favour or consideration.
  2. Promotion rules are mentioned on the Progress Report Card, if there is any change made, it is notified to the students through written notice.
  3. In case of loss of a Progress Report Card the student concerned must bring a letter from the parent or guardian to Principal and a new Progress Report Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50.00 as fine.
  4. A student who fails in two consecutive classes or twice in the same class will have to withdraw from the school and same rule applies to students who are too old to repeat the class.
  5. All are expected to speak in English in the school even in their private conversation.

Students absent on the first working day (without prior application) after any vacation will be fined Rs. 20/- per day.

St. Paul's School, Agartala.