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Besides rules formulated and circulated by the Hostel authorities the following rules of discipline are to be followed:-

1.     Parents are invited to communicate with the authority personally or by letter on any matter concerning the welfare of their children, interviews should be arranged by letter or messenger as it is impossible for the authority to interview parents who call but who have not previously made an appointment. Parents are strongly discouraged to meet the authorities at their residence or at night or Sundays or forming a group.

2.     Any change of home address must immediately be notified to the authority.

3.     All letters to the boarders must be addressed to the Hostel Superintendent only. Letters written directly to boarders will not be handed over to them.

4.     Parents and other duly authorized persons may visit the boarders at the hostel on Saturday from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm and on Sunday from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Visitors are not allowed at any other time or day without special permission from the hostel authority.

5.     Keeping money by the boarders is strictly prohibited.

6.     Boarders shall not be allowed to leave the compound for any purpose except with parents and immediate relatives or local guardians duly recorded in the school. A prior permission is required stating the purpose of such leave.

7.     Hostel Superintendent / Matron may depute someone of his/her choice to accompany the boarder in case of emergency such as hospitalization or seeing the doctor.

8.     A student dismissed from hostel will be automatically dismissed from the school and vice versa.

St. Paul's School, Agartala.