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1.     All annual charges / fees are to be paid in the first month of the academic session.

2.     All dues for the first admission and the first month of Academic year must be deposited in the school office. After that the day scholars will be provided with Receipt Books. Boarders however, will deposit their fees in the school office only.

3.     Fees are payable in advance, and must be cleared by the 10th of the month in which they fail due failing to which there will be a delay fine of Rs. 10.00 per day.

     This delay must not exceed the 10th of next month after which the student will be liable to be suspended and to have his name struck off the roll.

4.     Under no circumstances any fee once paid shall be refunded. Only Caution Deposits will be refunded.

5.     The authority, however, reserves the right on sufficient ground to grant written extension of time regarding payment of dues.

6.     With reference to 2) above the pupil who has not paid school and hostel fees and transport charges (upto the month of August and upto December of the current academic year) will not be allowed to appear at the examination.

7.     Promotion results of the pupil whose fees and dues (both school and hostel) for current academic year remain unpaid will be withheld.

8.     An absence fine of Rs. 50.00 per day will be charged for absence from classes without any sufficient reason shown in writing by the guardian/parent.

9.     Admission fees of Rs. 500.00 plus annual charges will have to be paid for re-admission of children who have been removed from the rolls for any reason.

10.   One calendar month’s notice is required in writing or one month’s charges in lieu thereof for the discontinuation of transport.

     This discontinuation can only be made w.e.f 1st June or 1st December.

11.   One month’s tuition fee and Rs. 100.00 will be charged for all transfer certificates. Before applying for T.C. one must clear all the school dues upto date.

12.   50% of monthly tuition fee concession is granted to children of St. Paul’s School and the TBCU staff.

13.   When an amount of money is fixed by the school as subscription, donation or such payable by each student, then it becomes obligatory for each student to pay the amount. Defaulters in this regard will be counted defaulters in fees. This, of course does not apply to the request for voluntary donation etc.

14.    No bills or reminders are issued; therefore, Parents / Guardians should see that the fees are paid on time.

15.    The school reserves the right to increase the fees if considered necessary.

St. Paul's School, Agartala.